Monday, June 16, 2008

The entry for today....well, actually for the week, I suppose, as I didn't get around to writing anything going to be somewhat different. I was 'cruising' some of the buying deal sites on the 'net, and came across a very interesting item that I decided was something that I really needed. It seemed to me that it would be something that could be of great benefit to many of us, and the price, @ less than $50. shipped, was a very good value. If you'd like to check out this Memorex 120GB TravelDrive, here is a link to it.

120GB of storage is a LOT! You can save a huge amount of information on this small drive...which will fit into the palm of your hand. Save all of your useful information, special pictures, favorite songs, genealogy, school projects, notes, and any number of other things. It comes with backup software and a USB cable....plug n play...and is backwards compatible to USB 1.1, so you should be able to connect to an older PC that doesn't have the newer USB 2.0 connections, which this little beauty is made for. I really like the size of it...small enough that I can put it in my purse or pocket, and take it anywhere I go. How convenient!

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e.e. comings said...

You're almost as bad as I am....
Better post something soon!
Hope you're doing well!