Thursday, May 29, 2008

A blog has to start this is where I decided to start mine!

I think that being born so close to the Pacific Ocean, in Santa Cruz, CA...must have affected my feeling of relationship to the trees and the water. I've been in WA since 1989, and immediately started growing my "webfeet"'s probably too late now to get my old ones back, so I might as well stay here.

I assume that I acquired some of the genes of my forefathers/mothers; they showed up in the NW landscape in the late 1800's-early 1900's in Seattle and across Puget Sound, in Kitsap county. The following picture is of my grandparents, Charlie and Jessie [Kilbur
n] Wilson, taken somewhere on Puget Sound around the time they were married [1914].

These were my mother's parents. They lived across the Puget Sound from Seattle, and mom's oldest brother and sister were born there, in what was called South Colby. I say "was", as the place no longer exists.

Later, they moved down the coast of mom and her other brother were born in Port Orford.

Then came the eventual move to California, where my parents met. My dad was a southern boy....southern California,
that is! Chino was his birthplace, down in the San Bernardino area. Just throwing in this shot of dad WAY early in his career...

After my parents got Carson City, NV, they settled down to life in Santa Cruz area. First they were blessed with me, then my brother Jim, and lastly, sister Doris.
For some reason unknown to me, they didn't like the coast/trees and water like I did...and they removed us to Hinkley [Ba
rstow area] CA...and later, to Nevada.

I learned to swim as soon as I had a chance...might have even started growing the webfeet then, tho I didn't notice until I'd moved to WA [likely hidden inside my cowboy boots :)]. Kids growing up always found plenty to do in the country...we learned to amuse ourselves, without the aid of computers and phones. With good weather and little rainfall, we were always outside, and brown as little Indians during the summer months.

During my high school years, it was more likely to find me on horseback or swimming, than chasing boys. I only had one "steady" during high school. So now is where I show you my favorite picture of myself...taken on the ranch where we lived, just over the Nevada border into Arizona:

My pride and joy, Papoose...half mustang, half thoroughbred. When he was given to me for my 16th birthday, he was "greenbroke"...I finished polishing him up to suit me. I was involved with the local 4-H horse club, and participated in local events such as barrel racing, as well as riding in parades in Las Vegas.

Childhood always comes to an end...after my high school graduation, I spend a few months in Santa Cruz with my grandmother, then came back to Las Vegas and got married, eventually divorced after 18 years, and moved on. Some years traveling around...New Mexico, Texas, Colorado...and then Washington.

I guess I can say I've lived a full life...I've visited more than half of the 50 states, lived in 7, gone to Mexico and thing I'd like to do is go on a cruise, possibly up the Northwest Passage.


Barb said...

Great start! Well written, Laura. I'll watch to see what comes next.

Crissy said...

I loved it. Hope you write more miss you tons love ya

greysquirrelb said...

A.A. Laura :)
I love your blog! That first entry is so you put your history...our there with our forebearers. I'm excited to read the next entry.
love you - becky

e.e. comings said...

Great blog Laura!
I loved seeing the pictures of great grandparents and your great shot perched upon Papoose!
I really want to get a picture of g-ma and g-pa McCain...a black and white 5x7 engagement/wedding shot. I was going to ask Doris about it, but maybe you're a better one to ask?
Do you have any picture of them like that?
I'll keep checking in!
Great writing :)

BB said...

Bob says hi! Glad I found it.